Almond Butter Brownies

The perfect brownie--indulge without the guilt! Our Almond Butter Brownie is created with all-natural cocoa and drizzled with our own almond butter. Case Pack of 6 or 12, 2.2oz Brownies

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Fruit & Nut Squares


Our Fruit & Nut Squares are the perfect snack for on the go, or on the couch! Grab these date, almond, coconut, cinnamon and fruit squares when you want a subtly sweet boost. 15 servings (14g/serving)

Nutrition Facts
Sticky Granola


You’ve never tasted granola like Sticky Granola! Savory-sweet glazed bits of nuts, seeds and dried fruits seasoned with coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and sea salt. 10oz Jar. 22 Servings (13g/serving)  

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