Founder Jordann Windschauer

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Embracing your roots is important. That’s why we never forget ours.

When Jordann Windschauer started her 30-day Paleo challenge in 2012, it changed her life. Physical fatigue, mental stress, and sleepless nights disappeared, but her sweet tooth remained. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t find any delicious, truly Paleo baked goods, so she stepped up to the challenge.

Sourcing the best ingredients, Jordann created a line of treats that took off like wildfire. Her Paleo CrossFit buddies, gluten-free friends, and even family with no dietary restrictions couldn’t get enough of these sweet snacks. That’s how Base Culture was born.

Everything we do is in reflection of these humble beginnings to remind us to stay persistent in our passion: Paleo goodies that keep you grounded in the best lifestyle on Earth.