Become a Base Culture Gym Affiliate

At Base Culture, it is our instinct to succeed. We have created a brand that consumers trust to provide the highest quality all-natural goods. That’s why a partnership with us will not only help your gym members living a healthy lifestyle, but both our businesses as well.

Being a Gym Affiliate
  • All Gym Affiliates receive 5% of all sales received from your location.
  • You will be given a unique promo code to be used by your gym members on Base Culture’s website.

  • This promo code is what will let us know the orders are from your gym member, giving you credit for their sales.

  • After each month you will receive payment.

Train like an animal, and eat like one too.

The Paleo diet consists of minimally processed foods. This clean way of eating naturally helps your body’s athletic performance. According to recent studies, people who combine a Paleo style of eating with a steady regimen of regular exercise have experienced sustained fat loss while increasing lean muscle growth.

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