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4 Base Culture Office Snacks for a Busy Day

  • By James Christensen

4 Base Culture Office Snacks for a Busy Day

Some days at the office are too hectic to permit a run out to grab a mid-afternoon snack, but we know how challenging it can be to find delicious, protein-filled Paleo snacks to take to work. It’s best to have a snack to hold you over even on the longest and most demanding of days. Here are four Paleo, Base-Culture approved office snacks that we love taking into work. No more going hungry!

  1. Base Culture Energy Bites

Made specifically as an energizing snack, our energy bites are packed with nourishment in chewy, bite-size bars. Made with a balanced combination of sweet dates and coconuts, nutty almonds, and cinnamon for extra taste, these bites are a favorite in our community to snack on in the car, at one’s desk, pre or post workout, or even along with a banana for breakfast. The sweetness is subtle, with a delicious texture in each flavorful bite.

  1. Almond Butter on Apples

We are maximalists when it comes to almond butter - first of all, it’s delicious, and is a staple ingredient for many Paleo recipes. It also makes a great dip or spread, and its primary ingredient of almonds ensures its nutritious and full of protein for your busy day.

We offer now five almond butter flavors, which means you can keep this tried and true snack in your rotation without it ever growing dull. We recently added chocolate espresso almond butter to our collection, which also includes classic original, gingerbread, sweet maple, and cinnamon. Slice a fresh apple before heading to work, then bring along a container of Base Culture almond butter to dip the apple slices at your desk or on your break.

  1. Make Your Own Trail Mix with Sticky Granola

Or, perhaps you prefer a salty, crunchy snack alternative to munch on throughout the day. Our Sticky Granola is great on its own, or pairs well with other munchies such as coconut flakes and walnuts for a make-your-own trail mix. Our sticky granola has a bit of it all: nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, glazed with coconut oil and honey for the ultimate stickiness, and to ensure the goodness stays together in clusters.

We sprinkle our granola with sea salt and cinnamon to balance out the sweet and salty, satisfying all of your cravings in one bite. Get creative with the other ingredients for your custom trail mix - the possibilities are infinite!

  1. Base Culture Mini Banana Bread

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth: our mini banana bread has all the sweetness of our loaf, in individually packaged, snack-size portions. Each loaf is made with love with pure, all-natural ingredients such as banana, honey, eggs, golden flaxseed, almond flour, and coconut flower. You can keep the packages in the freezer, then take the bread out of the packaging and pop it in the microwave for just a few seconds to thaw.

It also doubles as a great breakfast-on-the-go, or a sweet treat after your lunch break as you get back to the grind.

Happy snacking!

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