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4 Delicious Ways to Use Base Culture Paleo Sandwich Bread

  • By Absar Karim

4 Delicious Ways to Use Base Culture Paleo Sandwich Bread

How creative can you really get with sandwich bread?

Well, the possibilities are truly endless.

We made our sandwich bread to be nutty and sweet, but with that perfect texture for your favorite sandwich or morning slice of toast. With main ingredients of almond flour, golden flax, and honey, bread has never been quite so pure. Here’s a list of four delicious ways that we like to use our sandwich bread.

  1. Pulled Pork Paleo Sandwich

The sweeter taste of our bread makes for a heavenly pair with some slow roasted pulled pork. This sandwich is perfect for a weekend lunch or a cookout in the summer months.

To make the pork, take boneless pork loin (2lbs. Typically yields enough for sandwiches for the family, or for a meal prep for the week) and cook it in a slow cooker with chopped red and green onions, fresh bone stock, and garlic cloves. Add homemade BBQ sauce to taste - we love this recipe by Paleo Leap, which calls for ingredients such as homemade ketchup, cinnamon, and spiced paprika to taste. If you want an extra jolt of spice, add cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper to taste.

  1. French Toast

Ah, perhaps the most wondrous of all bread recipes - french toast! In a bowl, whisk together coconut milk and eggs, then let a slice of bread soak in the mixture, for about a minute on each side. Have a hot skillet ready, and drop your soaked bread into the pan. Cook until golden brown on each side, then scoop onto your plate, and top with fresh fruit or coconut sugar! For such a luxurious taste, the cooking process takes less than 10 minutes.

Turkey and Apple Paleo Sandwiches… with a hint of Pomegranate

Packing a sandwich for a road trip, workday, or hike? Step aside, plain old turkey sandwiches - we’re ready to get creative. Slice some crisp apple (you choose: red or green) and layer between folds of turkey, then add lemon juice for taste. For a sandwich dressing, we love this pomegranate dressing recipe by Mangia Paleo. Simple ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, honey, pomegranate juice, and parsley give a classic sandwich an extra twist. Their recipe calls for prosciutto or salami in the sandwich, too - try it out if you’re feeling Italian!

  1. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is all the rage lately - and for good reason. The smooth texture of a nutritious avocado paired with crunchy toast is a breakfast that dreams are made of. Plop a few Base Culture sandwich bread slices into the toaster, then slice or mash fresh avocado to layer on top. To up your protein intake, add hard-boiled egg slices or an over-easy egg on top. Add cracked pepper and sea salt to taste. A toast this good will have you craving it for lunch, too!

Try out your own variations of lunch sandwiches and breakfast toasts - our bread was prepared with all of it in mind. Sandwich bread can really be that good.


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