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A Beginner’s Guide to Base Culture’s Brownies

  • By James Christensen

A Beginner’s Guide to Base Culture’s Brownies

At Base Culture, we don’t believe there should be a fine line between what’s “healthy” and what’s “not healthy.” Rather, it’s a matter of all-natural ingredients, and putting food into our bodies that make us feel energized, full, and ready to go. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with birthday party favorites or dessert menus, and we’ve invested time and care into re-imagining your old favorites and recreating their recipes to match your new dietary preferences.

At the top of everyone’s favorite dessert list is the classic: brownies! So, we sat down and crafted a whole new recipe that marks off all the requirements - gluten free, vegan, dairy-free, kosher, paleo, and all-natural. The end result was so delicious and popular that it warranted new flavors. Meet Base Culture’s brownies!

  1. Raspberry Cocoa Brownie

Our original flavor was the Raspberry Cocoa Brownie. Just as its name suggests, this brownie blends the tart freshness of raspberry flavor with the classic cocoa variety. We whipped together raspberry puree with real raspberries, cocoa powder, and unsweetened chocolate for taste, and created the cake-like texture with coconut flour, cashew butter, honey, eggs, and more. The end result is a the same satisfying doughy texture and luxurious chocolate flavor that you’ve been craving.

  1. Almond Butter Paleo Brownies

Then, we recently introduced our Almond Butter Brownie. This treat takes the same recipe of our raspberry cocoa brownies but nixes the raspberry, opting instead for a creamy, nutty taste. We drizzle the plain, chocolate brownie with Base Culture’s own almond butter, which has only one primary ingredient: almonds. The tastes intermingle to satisfy the nut lover’s chocolate dreams.

  1. Cashew Butter Blondie

Finally, our Cashew Butter Blondie has been a longtime favorite for our customers. While not a ‘brownie’ with cocoa powder and chocolate, our blondie retains the cake-like, doughy texture and is a great dessert or sweet snack option. One bite is ridden with notes of caramel and honey, with pecan pieces on top for that satisfying crunch. Maple syrup, cashew butter, coconut flour, and eggs comprise the blondie’s main ingredients.

Whether you crave fruity, nutty, or a caramel undertone to your desserts, our brownie flavors offer something for everyone.

On our website, we share recipes such as four ways Base Culture brownies can take classic desserts to the next level.  We’d love to hear the ways you incorporate the brownies into your desserts! Find a Base Culture Brownie at a store near you by utilizing our Store Locator, or order online!


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