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Base Culture Beach Snacks

  • By James Christensen

Base Culture Beach Snacks

With the sun out and high in the sky, the sand and the surf are calling! Beach days are some of the best days, whether spent jogging, surfing, swimming, building sand castles, or just with a good book whilst listening to the crashing waves. 

To keep energy high, pack the following Base Culture-inspired beach snacks for a protein-conscious beach day. These goodies will keep you energized and ready to play all day long. 

  1. Base Culture Energy Bites

True to their name, Base Culture energy bites were created for energy! Tasty in small-bite chunks, these little snacks go great between meals. They’re made of dates, almonds, coconuts, cinnamon, and fruit, giving them a nice sweet taste with plenty of nutrition in each nibble. They’re easily packable in a Ziplock bag, and just about the easiest, no-hassle snack you can pack for any of your summer adventures.

  1. Celery and Almond Butter

In the heat of the beach day, there’s something about the crisp, light taste of a cool celery stick that makes the perfect snack. But, celery on its own won’t hold you over. Opt for a delicious almond butter dip to spread on top. Base Culture features flavors that taste divine tucked into the rib of the celery. Go for our simple Original flavor, or sweeten it up with the Maple flavor.

  1. Base Culture’s Sticky Granola Atop a Berry Salad

Berries are all the more delicious with a little crunch involved! Our community loves Base Culture’s Sticky Granola. Bundled in clusters of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, our ‘granola’ is seasoned deliciously with a bit of cinnamon and sea salt and is as delicious on its own as it is with some other treats. Sprinkled atop an array of berries such as strawberries and blackberries, this summer snack will keep you cool and satisfied with its eclectic mix of flavors and textures. 

  1. Base Culture Sandwich Bread with Turkey

For the meat lovers: the day wouldn’t be complete without a protein-packed lunch. Bring along a turkey sandwich between loaves of Base Culture Sandwich Bread. The bread, designed specifically for sandwiches, is made with almond flour, golden flax, and honey. Its sweet tones go wonderfully with an eclectic array of turkey sandwich recipe varieties, such as with organic avocados and dijon mustard. Many love our sandwich bread with a BLT, so add organic lettuce and fresh tomato slices to your turkey sandwich… and don’t forget the bacon! There are many paleo mayo recipes online to top off your “BLTT.” 

Enjoy your next beach day with your new collection of snacks! Find a Base Culture retailer near you, or order your beach snacks online.

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