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Can Baked Goods be Paleo?

  • By Absar Karim

Can Baked Goods be Paleo?

When you think of baked goods, you likely think of the classics - cupcakes, breads, brownies - all of which inevitably include processed white flour, sugar galore, and lots of butter (at times, a whole two sticks!). These bad boys are typically the first to go when you start a new diet - that lethal combination of everything that’s bad for you (oh, but tastes so good!) can do a lot of damage.

Given the parameters of a paleo diet, you’d think that baked goods would, just like any other diet, be thrown out the window too. After all, cavemen certainly did not have granulated sugar or all purpose flour - nor the laundry list of ingredients including ‘vanilla extract’ or ‘buttermilk’. But, we simply don’t think that giving up our beloved treats is fair. Why should we have to avoid bakeries and cover our eyes as we quicken our pace walking past the bakery section of the grocery store? Why should we have to sacrifice our cravings and favorite foods because we want to give our body the most wholesome, energizing food fuel we can?

No, no. Paleo eaters can ‘have their cake and eat it too,’ - all puns intended. This is the premise that Base Culture was built upon. So, can baked goods be paleo? In a word, yes - thanks to some creative recipe curating and good ol’ mother earth for providing sweets like honey and flour like coconut flour, our product selection boasts everything from sweet banana bread to blondies. We’re forging a new frontier for all paleo eaters.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need wheat, grain, or sugar to pull off these favorite baked goods. Take our almond butter brownie for example: consistently a best seller, mouth watering ‘til the last bite, and not a single drop of artificial flavor or sugar cane inside. We concocted this treasure with just a few simple ingredients: honey, eggs, almond butter, cashew butter, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder, and a few more (for transparency’s sake, all ingredients are listed on our site).


It’s a simple exercise of replacing the typical ingredients with more wholesome ingredients. We replace the whole stick, creamy butter with cashew butter (which is just as good, sans the guilt). We replace the granulated white sugar with honey (just as sweet!). We replace the white flour with coconut flour (we promise, it does the trick - and the texture is just as fluffy as your wildest baked goods dreams). We whip in some other natural ingredients for taste, texture, and pizzazz, and voila - a paleo baked good!

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