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Does Base Culture Sell Vegan Products?

  • By Absar Karim

Does Base Culture Sell Vegan Products?

We believe that everyone deserves autonomy over what they choose to eat…. And, what they choose not to eat. Your diet is your thing, your choice. You know what makes you feel best, and what gives you the most energy to get you through the day. It shouldn’t be hard to find tasty snacks depending on your preferences.

Some assume that paleo doesn’t always mean vegan - and while that’s true for some foods, we like to make sure that our vegan customers have something, too.

We get it, because we’re a paleo company through and through. Our founder was inspired by her paleo diet when beginning Base Culture to make sure there are plentiful paleo options that mimic classic favorites, so no one feels a need to sacrifice what they want in accordance with what they choose to eat.

Which brings us to vegan products. The vegan products we offer are our energy bites and our almond butters. As two of our bestsellers, each of these products make great snacks, and are beloved by all who try them.

  1. Our almond butters. Featuring four mouthwatering flavors (cinnamon, maple, gingerbread, and original), our delicious almond butters are made from real almonds as the only main ingredient. The supplementary ingredients simply add a bit more flavor and texture, but every butter is certifiably vegan. Yes - you can get that same buttery, creamy taste you’d get from dairy or peanut butter from pure, crushed, and creamed almonds alone.
  1. Our energy bites! We have to admit, we’ve outdone ourselves with this one. Not only are our energy bites paleo AND vegan, but they’re also gluten free. The bites are simply circles of dates, almonds, coconuts, fruit, and cinnamon to taste… Yep, that’s it! Four classic ingredients with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top for taste. The purity of the ingredients supplement you with the energy you need, making it the perfect afternoon between-meals bite when you’re beginning to doze at the desk in your office, or even a breakfast to snack on before you head out for your morning swim practice.

We believe that offering our customers diversity in not only type of treats, but in dietary choices is key. We won’t compromise on that. We’ll always do our best to provide products for every type of taste and preference.

It’s the Base Culture way.

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