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Four Paleo Hiking Snacks

  • By James Christensen

Four Paleo Hiking Snacks

When planning for a hike, one thing is certain: sustenance is needed. It’s important to bring plenty of snacks for the long haul treks for breaks and refueling. 

Here are four paleo hiking snacks that will sustain you as you climb new mountains and forge new trails! 

  1. Nutty Snack Mix with Base Culture Sticky Granola

Base Culture’s Sticky Granola is comprised of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, made sticky with a delicious glaze of coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon. To make your own nutty snack mix, toss in the sticky granola with your favorite nuts and seeds of choice. We love walnuts, pecans, and sunflower seeds. To get fancy and go for some extra flavor, add more honey and cinnamon to the mix. Or, get funky with it and add a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of paprika! The fun part about snack mixes is that they can be different every time depending on preferences. 

  1. Base Culture’s Seven Nut and Seed Bread with Almond Butter

Base Culture’s Seven Nut and Seed Bread is packed with all the nutritious nuts and seeds needed for even the most strenuous hiking trails, including sunflower seeds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds! For a make-your-own almond butter sandwich, scoop a generous portion of Base Culture’s classic Almond Butter (made with one primary ingredient: almonds) between two slices of bread. It’s the perfect mix of crunchy with creamy.

  1. A Hiker’s Breakfast, featuring Base Culture Sweet Breads

If the hiking trip is overnight, a perfect hiker’s breakfast has all the fixings: Eggs, meat, and something sweet to get the day started with a burst of energy. Pack boiled eggs, prosciutto, and several packages of Base Culture’s sweet breads, such as the Mini Sweet Paleo Banana Bread and the Mini Nutty Pumpkin Bread. The best part about these sweet breads is their ease in traveling: packaged individually, it’s never been easier to grab a few from the pantry to throw into the hiking bag without a second thought.

  1. Base Culture Energy Bites

And for the easiest snack for a quick bolt of energy, Base Culture’s Energy Bites are a must. Because of their miniature size, they’re perfect for easy munching mid-hike. Their primary ingredients include dates, almonds, coconuts, cinnamon, and dried fruit, making them chewy with a hint of sweetness. And, they’re called “energy bites” for a reason - these primary ingredients aren’t messing around when it comes to revitalizing your body for the trek! Dive into your stash whenever hiker’s fatigue starts to creep in. 

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