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Four Ways Base Culture Brownies Can Take Classic Desserts to the Next Level

  • By Absar Karim

Four Ways Base Culture Brownies Can Take Classic Desserts to the Next Level

Our brownies are a bestseller, and for good reason. Brownies are always a classic favorite for a delectable dessert or sweet snack. Base Culture brownies are tasty served simply on a plate, but you may feel the itch to take your desserts to the next level. Having a dinner party soon, or just want to switch up your typical post-dinner sweet-tooth satisfaction? Here are four ways you can incorporate Base Culture brownies to make some epic desserts. We can hear your culinary calling!

  1. Base Culture Brownie Sundae. The perfect cake-like texture of our brownies make for ooey-gooey goodness if topped with a favorite paleo ice cream. Warm the brownie, then scoop the icecream on top to let it perfectly melt. Try a vanilla coconut ice cream atop our raspberry cocoa brownie for an eclectic taste of flavors: the perfect creamy taste of the vanilla and cocoa with the more tropical raspberry and coconut flavors will have your guests asking for seconds.
  1. Brownie Bits in Pudding. Who says you have to eat the brownies the way they came? Chop up the brownies with a knife to make perfect, bite size brownie bits. You can mix the bits in with a paleo banana pudding to add that texture and chew, either by drizzling on top for decoration, or by stirring in for a sweet surprise in every bite. Want to make your own pudding? Mix cocoa powder with coconut milk, coconut cream, and a bit of maple syrup for a fudge paleo pudding.
  1. Fudgey Fondue. Chunks of brownies always make for a perfect dipping ingredient in chocolate dessert fondue. For a paleo fondue, boil a bit of coconut milk with a generous supply of natural dark chocolate for that fondue-like consistency, then serve chunks of Base Culture brownie on skewers for your guests. To make it look even more gorgeous, slide strawberry slices onto the skewers between the brownie chunks. Alternate between our raspberry cocoa brownie and our almond butter brownie - both are scrumptious covered in chocolate!
  1. Milkshakes. Milkshakes with brownie bits have been a hit ever since Dairy Queen introduced the Brownie Blizzard. Throw three or four whole Base Culture brownies into the blender with your milkshake for that delicious, chunky post-blend consistency. Our almond butter brownies are perfection in a dark chocolate banana milkshake: all you need is frozen bananas, ice cubes, coconut cream, high quality dark chocolate, and a tablespoon of honey for sweetness.

Mm, our stomachs are growling just thinking about these luxurious desserts. Cheers to Dessert time!

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