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Meet Base Culture’s Keto Bread

  • By James Christensen

Meet Base Culture’s Keto Bread

One of the most common frustrations in the Paleo community is finding good paleo bread variations. Our paleo sandwich bread was such a hit that we also introduced Base Culture’s Keto Bread, for anyone who is also on the keto diet.

For those new to keto, the diet differs only slightly from paleo. Those who are on the keto diet pay special attention to the number of carbs they consume, and try to keep them under a certain threshold. While our other new bread, the 7 Nut & Seed bread, contains seven nut and seed variations for extra crunch and variety, our Keto Bread offers the same delicious consistency and taste of the bread, without the extra nuts and seeds.

Made with all natural ingredients such as almond butter, eggs, golden flaxseed meal, potato flour, our Keto Bread ensures that your keto diet doesn’t mean saying goodbye to bread.

Here are our favorite ways to use our Keto Bread.

  1. Keto Breadsticks

Calling all Italian food lovers: Some of the easiest and most delicious at-home recipes include forever classics, such as pasta and meatballs. Just as the greatest Italian restaurants include breadsticks with these dishes, it’s easy to turn even one slice of Base Culture’s keto bread into several breadsticks.

Slice the bread lengthwise into two or three breadstick-sized portions, then bake in the oven at 350 degrees for a quick 5-7 minutes to make it nice and crunchy, with clarified butter or ghee on top. If you want to get extra fancy, season the breadsticks with garlic salt.

  1. Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding is a classic dessert that will be fun and easy to make with your newfound favorite paleo and keto bread. Cut a few slices into cubes, then make the pudding with vanilla extract, eggs, coconut oil, honey, and nutmeg and cinnamon for seasoning. This recipe from Paleo Grubs offers step-by-step instruction for one serving of an after-dinner treat.  

  1. In your favorite soups.

Sometimes, a rainy afternoon or a sick day calls for some homemade soup. Paleo soups, such as French Onion, are simple to make with easy ingredients such as beef broth and caramelized onions. Cut a slice of Keto Bread into little cubes and drop on top of the soup as garnish in each bowl. It truly tastes best when it soaks up the flavor of your homemade soup!

With our Keto Bread, the possibilities are endless. But one thing’s for certain: no one should have to give up traditional recipes or meals that call for bread now because they’re opting for the keto or paleo diet. Happy cooking!


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