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The Story Behind Base Culture

  • By Absar Karim

The Story Behind Base Culture

Our founder, Jordann Windschauer, was blown away by how she felt when she first started the paleo lifestyle.

She committed to a 30-day paleo challenge along with her CrossFit® community in Tampa, and just like we’ve all experienced, her physical fatigue, mental stress, and insomnia disappeared. To top it off, she even lost five inches of body fat. We know that the paleo ‘diet’ is so much more than a diet - it’s a lifestyle because of how it can change our lives. Life is too short to stumble through in a haze.

And she was hooked. She knew immediately that making the choice to cut out preservatives and unnatural foods had caused the massive change, and committed to taking on the paleo lifestyle forevermore. There was just one problem… where was she going to find the paleo goodies? The sweets? How does one live without brownies?!

No other business on the market had tackled this niche: paleo sweets. But, that wasn’t cutting it for her. She believed that choosing the most natural and simple foods possible to energize her body shouldn’t mean feeling restricted at all, and she set out to forge a product line of snacks and sweets that boast natural ingredients and flavors only.

On the next 30 day paleo challenge at her CrossFit® gym, she offered her goodies to the other challenge participants, as a way of circumventing the inevitable goodie cravings that run rampant during the beginning of any diet change. And lo and behold, they loved them. They loved them so much that they wanted more batches - and soon, they were ordering them and paying for them.

Base Culture became Jordann’s side hustle because of the demand alone. Once the paleo community got word of these scrumptious goodies that complied with their diets, orders began to flood into her Facebook page. After her 9-5 job, she’d work out, then get to work preparing the products well through the night.

Now, the product selection has expanded to include breads, sticky granola, energy bites, various flavors of brownies, almond butters, and many more. The motivation for the creation of Base Culture - a lifestyle rooted in ‘having it all’ and choosing the best ingredients possible to put into the foods you eat - remains at the core of what we create. We bake and prepare each of our products with love for everyone out there who tries paleo like Jordann did. We make it easier to commit to a lifestyle change, by making sure you never have to sacrifice natural ingredients for your favorite goodies. It’s the Base Culture promise.

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