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What is a "Blondie" Brownie?

  • By Absar Karim

What is a

In September, we launched another crowd-favorite product: The “Blondie” Brownie.

 We’ve had it coming for a while. Now that we know we’ve perfected everyone’s favorite paleo desserts, it was time to diversify our selections beyond the classic desserts we know and love. You know, classic desserts like the brownie. You had it at every school function as a kid. It’s the easiest thing to bake at home if you’re following the artificial, sugary homemade recipe. We get it, brownies make you feel at home because of their classic nature. We introduced the paleo Raspberry Cocoa brownies to prove we aren’t boring, and now, we can’t wait for you to try the blondie brownie.

 We’ve been asked a few times since our launch, what the heck is the ‘blondie brownie’?

 Cut into squares resembling brownies in both shape and texture, blondies are essentially the same as brownies, sans the cocoa. Yes, a blondie brownie still has that doughy, gooey, scrumptious texture and dessert feel, but typically, a blonde brownie is whipped up with caramel, butterscotch, and honey instead of that chocolate and fudge you’d find in a classic brownie.

 Specifically, our Base Culture blondie brownie is not like the rich, ten-pounds-of-butter blondies like the recipes you’ll find in a classic cookbook; riddled with real butterscotch candy, brown sugar, and white flour. We’ve opted for the natural and pure ingredients for a new dessert experience. We keep that butterscotch and caramel flavor, yes, no worries there about sacrificing there - but our secret ingredient is cashew butter - just as creamy as real butter, but extra creamy from cashews. The wholesome nutty flavor meets dessert bar texture for a semi-sweet, semi-savory dessert.

 Typical blondie brownies usually have real caramel, but we replicate that flavor with all natural ingredients. We use a touch of maple syrup and honey for that sweetness to top off our pure ingredients such as flaxseed meal and coconut oil. Think you need white refined flour for a dessert bar? Think again, my friend. We lovingly add coconut flour and golden flaxseed meal to create the brownie texture. 

 The Cashew Butter Blondie Brownie is all about the taste without the gluten or artificial flavors. For that perfect crunch, we’ve sprinkled pecan pieces (our favorite!) atop of brownie buddy, making it your perfect dessert, packed with protein to punch. Craving a sweet snack post-workout? With a snack this scrumptious, you can have dessert any time of the day.


Try our Cashew Butter Blondie Brownie to see why Blondies have more fun! ;)

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