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What's the Best Way to Explore Base Cultures' Products

  • By Absar Karim

What's the Best Way to Explore Base Cultures' Products

 At Base Culture, we believe in the primal integrity of each of our delectable creations. Dairy free. Soy free. Gluten free.

 We’re re-imagining our old favorite treats (brownies and almond butter, anyone?) in their purest, healthier form, using only ingredients that fuel our body. And, we’ve worked hard to create an eclectic array of options, so your treats can always feel brand new. We’re always asked: “What’s the best way to explore your products?”, and we get it. As our product selection grows and diversifies, we aim to continue providing new options for you to try and love. Here are the best ways to explore our full product offering.

 1. Let’s Socialize. Our social media channels (@baseculture) showcase the latest in Base Culture news, highlighting our old favorites and hyping our new products (like the Cashew Butter Blondie and Raspberry Cocoa Brownie that we announced in September). And, we aren’t shy in sharing our list of ingredients for each delicious room recipe with our #WhatsInItWednesday on Instagram. Truly understand the honest products that go into each of our creations - such as the honey, maple syrup, and pecans inside our Cashew Butter Blondie or the cinnamon and cloves in our Nutty Pumpkin Bread.

 2. Base Best. Our early customers have spoken with their ordering habits, and our bestseller list exemplifies the Base Best favorites! No surprise - our Almond Butter Brownie and Nutty Paleo Pumpkin Bread are featured on the list. Exploring what tickles other paleo taste buds is a great way to decide which product to try first, or at least make a shortlist of all the products you want to try!

3. Say hey in person. We aren’t just online anymore! We’ve partnered with fitness studios, bookstores, CrossFit™ gyms, juice bars, coffee shops, and leading grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Earth Fare across the continental United States to bring Base Culture to your hometown. With over 3,684 locations, simply utilize our Store Locator search to find us near you, so you can scope out our products in person, read our nutritional content on the package in the palm of your hand, and talk to suppliers about why they love us.

4. Let Your Taste Buds Decide. Order the Paleo Starter Bundle or go big with the Paleo Family Bundle: each were created for product exploration. In the mood for dessert? Our starter bundle is all about the breads and brownies, with our mini sweet breads, sandwich bread, and almond butter brownies, while our family bundle takes it up a notch, including our famous array of brownies flavors, our dessert breads, sticky granola, and energy bites.

As you explore our products, keep in mind that we are inspired by classic treats. What did you love before your paleo diet, that you wished you had to kiss goodbye forever? We blur the lines between healthy and unhealthy to bring your favorite treats back into your lifestyle in their pure and primal prowess!

 We’re excited to invite you into the Base Culture family.

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