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Which Sweeteners Are Used in Base Culture Products?

  • By James Christensen

Which Sweeteners Are Used in Base Culture Products?

Base Culture has a promise that we take very seriously: none of our products have any artificial ingredients or preservatives. In staying true to that promise, we’ve never used sugar or artificial sweeteners in preparing any Base Culture products, even in our desserts. Instead, we strictly use natural sweeteners.

Below are the three natural sweeteners used in Base Culture products. 

  1. Maple Syrup and Sugar

Pure maple syrup is au naturale - and provides the perfect natural sweetness to our most beloved desserts, such as our Cashew Butter Blondie. Whereas many desserts have artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup (which are prepared in factories), Maple Syrup is derived from maple saps

Maple sugar also comes from maple saps, and is another natural sweetener Base Culture uses. We use maple sugar in our maple almond butter. The wholesome sweetness of maple rounds out the more nutty and savory flavors from typical container of almond butter, making the sweeter maple variety a favorite in the Base Culture community. 

  1. Honey

Base Culture’s brownies are sweet thanks to the inclusion of honey, which is a primary ingredient in many of our most beloved products. Paleo approved and delectably sweet, honey makes the perfect ingredient in a dessert. There are a number of reasons why honey is such a great natural sweetener for baked goods, some of which we outlined in a blog post. One important reason is that honey’s glycemic index is actually lower than sugar’s glycemic index. 

We also include honey as an ingredient in our sweet breads, such as the Sweet Paleo Banana Bread and Nutty Paleo Pumpkin Bread.

  1. Natural Sweetener from Sweet Ingredients

Finally, sweetness can be tasted from naturally sweet ingredients such as bananas in Base Culture’s Banana Bread, and cocoa in the Base Culture Brownies (even though we only use unsweetened chocolate). Many natural foods such as fruit have a sweetness to them on their own. The raspberries in our iconic Raspberry Cocoa Brownie, for example, mix beautifully with other ingredients such as raspberry puree and honey, and the dates and dried fruit pieces in our Energy Bites are subtly sweet. 

It’s important to know the ingredients in anything you purchase, and we are transparent about all the ingredients used to prepare our products. When shopping on the Base Culture website, press the “show more” button under a product description to read the full list of ingredients. You’ll always find natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners such as maple, honey, and fruit. It’s the Base Culture promise.


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