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Why Base Culture Almond Butter Has Just ONE Main Ingredient

  • By Absar Karim

Why Base Culture Almond Butter Has Just ONE Main Ingredient

You know that feeling when you get a case of almond butter and stare at the nutritional label in awe? “How in the WORLD does this little jar have that many ingredients?!” you ask yourself. And, sugar? What is this, a dessert?

At Base Culture, we know that almonds are almost perfect on their own. We love a perfectly salted almond as a quick snack, or blended in our paleo milkshakes, or crumbled atop a paleo cookie. It’s honestly hard to believe that the wholesome, pure buttery goodness of the milky flavor of an almond is actually all-natural, but we’ll take it. We take advantage of the natural snacks we love so much and make them better than ever, so that paleo is as easy as can be - with an eclectic array of options.

Almond butter is a special type of treat. I love a spread of almond butter on the Base Culture paleo nut pumpkin bread as a lazy Sunday morning, or to scoop a dollop into the middle of a cookie. But, so many almond butters out there were causing that same shock factor when I looked at the nutritional label. Why aren’t almonds good enough on their own? What’s the need for the addition of sugars and oils?

That’s why we created almond butter with just one main ingredient.

Drumroll, please.


Featuring four distinct flavors - original, cinnamon, maple, and gingerbread - we boast an almond butter that lives up to its name: the purity of almonds, blended just so to mimic the smooth, spreadable goodness of butter, so you can take your favorite nut and add it to whatever you like (including a spoon).

Here are a few creative ideas of how to use our pure, tasty almond butter:

  1. On bananas! Have kids? Dice up a banana and spread a bit of almond butter on the inside for mini banana butter sandwiches! It’s the perfect snack. (For adults, too!)
  2. On apple slices. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top (or, just use our cinnamon almond butter) for an appropriate fall snack, with that seasonal cinnamon apple flavor we know and love.
  3. In a “PB&J” (more like an AB&J!) - Slather almond butter and a sugar free jelly on a paleo bread of your choice - we like plantain bread or Base Culture Sandwich bread
  4. With dark chocolate. You’ve earned a dessert! Almond butter adds that texture to your favorite extra dark chocolate bar. Break off a chocolate square and dip it into a bowl of almond butter!

And, voila! Almond butter really can be that easy.

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