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Why Honey Is Such a Good Sweetener for Baked Goods

  • By Absar Karim

Why Honey Is Such a Good Sweetener for Baked Goods

“How can paleo baked goods be sweet?”

We’re asked this all the time, because typically, anything ‘paleo’ implies sans white granulated sugar. For those of you who have peeked at Base Culture’s product’s nutritional facts, you may have noticed that a main ingredient in many of our Base Culture treats is… honey! For years, paleo eaters have been substituting white granulated sugar in classic recipes for natural honey for a number of reasons. It’s the perfect way to keep the ‘sweet’ in the favorites.

Here are three reasons that we believe honey is such a good sweeter for baked goods.

  1. According to Medical News Today, honey has a lower GI index than sugar does.

It’s hotly contested whether honey or sugar is ‘healthier’, but honey’s GI (or “glycemic index) is lower than sugar’s GI. After all, granulated white sugar can cause a sharp sugar spike and insulin release... Which isn’t the sustainable shot of energy we like to give you in our baked goods.

  1. Honey is sweeter.

You’ve probably indulged in a spoonful of honey in your life - and you know every smack of that golden goo is sweet! There’s a reason for that saying, “sweeter than honey” (which is saying something, because we don’t know much that’s sweeter). This means that we can use less honey for MORE sweet kick - keeping the ingredients in your baked goods simple, balanced, and wholesome - while still giving you that sweet you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Baking experts say for every cup of sugar, you just need ¾ a cup of honey.

  1. Honey is better for the texture of a baked good.

Honey is technically a liquid - although heavier and thicker than water, honey adds a hydration to baked goods recipes that can make the finished product more moist than it would be with just granulated sugar. In fact, using honey means you should cut back on other liquid stipulations for the recipe.

Some of our customers’ favorite Base Culture products that include honey in the recipe include our Sweet Paleo Banana Bread, Cashew Butter Blondie (think: caramel and honey. Our mouths are watering!), and Nutty Paleo Pumpkin Bread!

Just one taste and you’ll bee-lieve in the power of honey! Ha-ha, see what we did there?


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