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You really can have it all

We're equally as passionate about sweets as we are about a healthy lifestyle. Our Paleo certified, 100% gluten-free baked goods and snacks allow you to give in to your cravings completely guilt-free.

Dedicated to the nutrition

Above all, keeping our ingredient list clean and free of any preservatives is key. You need healthier options and we're here to give them to you... with loads of flavor! You can pronounce everything you see listed on the labels and you'll never question what it is you actually just ate. We leave you feeling confident that you're snacking the healthy way.

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How can something so healthy taste so good?

Great question! Our commitment to finding that perfect blend of healthy ingredients and satisfyingly sweet flavors is how Base Culture was born. We only use wholesome foods that naturally fuel your body with ingredients like eggs, almond butter, bananas, honey and much more. The result is absolutely delicious and undeniably nutritious.

Behind the ingredients

We are certified paleo and gluten free, and your safety and the quality of our products are what is most important to us. Our 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility has absolutely no wheat or grain, and we only use the cleanest ingredients! There are no artificial sweeteners, salts, preservatives, or chemicals of any kind. As we like to say, "Go natural or go home!"

Our commitment to quality

This is our passion. Whether you're a healthy-minded person or gluten intolerant, we are dedicated to providing people with the tools needed to embrace an all-natural, healthy lifestyle. It's that simple. It's that natural. It's that primal.