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4 Ways to Use Our Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter

4 Ways to Use Our Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter

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We recently introduced a whole new flavor of our classic almond butter: Chocolate Espresso! While our original flavors boasted staple tastes such as maple and cinnamon, we know how many in our paleo community love a scoop of almond butter as an after-meal treat or for a midday sweet snack. The iconic mocha flavor is a favorite for many.

Its primary ingredients include real almonds, coconut butter, cocoa powder, espresso powder, and more, and its hints of cinnamon and sea salt will leave you wanting more than just one bite. So, here are four ways to incorporate Base Culture’s Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter into some fun dessert recipes.

Make Your Own Frappe

Especially on the warmer days, there are few treats more satisfying than a cold, blended coffee-flavored beverage. Because we know the paleo community strays away from coffee and its high caffeine content, this drink is a delicious way to still enjoy the coffee flavor.

We love this mocha frappe recipe byLiving Healthy With Chocolate. The recipe calls for espresso powder, cocoa powder, and almond butter - so, when making your own variation, simply sub Base Culture’s Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter for all three! Blend with water, ice, and honey - and to make extra creamy, there’s an option to add coconut cream, too.

Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies

Many paleo cookie recipes call for almond butter, which brings forth another opportunity to get creative with flavors and substitute the almond butter portion for our Chocolate Espresso flavor. Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies aren’t totally innovative, however - others such asBakerita have brainstormed similar recipes. Bakerita’s recipe calls for espresso powder and cocoa powder, just as the mocha frappe recipe did - skip the powders at the grocery store, because your almond butter at home has all the flavor you need!

No-Churn Mocha Ice Cream

As a take on the classic coffee ice cream, Mocha Ice Cream made with the almond butter is a refreshing dessert. This recipe calls for no-churn because it’s a bit easier and less time-consuming than typical homemade ice cream, averaging out at 45 minutes before chilling in this classic almond butter recipe by thePaleo Running Mama. Try the same recipe or one of your choosing, but replace the almond butter the recipe calls for with our Chocolate Espresso almond butter for your mocha flavor.

As ‘Frosting’ on a Base Culture Brownie

Finally, almond butter is a great topping on your favorite snacks. Try spreading the new flavor on a Base Culture brownie such as the newAlmond Butter Paleo Brownie, or get funky with a raspberry mocha taste by spreading it on ourRaspberry Cocoa Brownie. If you’re hosting guests or just wanting to get extra fancy, try chopping the brownies into small chunks, then dropping them on top of spoons of almond butter. Fancy!

We can’t wait for you to try the new flavor. Show us how you enjoy it by tagging us on Instagram@baseculture!

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