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Base Culture Bread 5 Ways

Base Culture Bread 5 Ways

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When starting a paleo diet, giving up traditional bread can sound extremely daunting, especially if you’re a bread lover who’s used to your morning toast or daily sandwich for lunch. But you can think of paleo breads like Base Culture’s as a complete substitute for traditional bread! In fact, with Base Culture bread, you’re getting a clean ingredient, very nourishing bread without sacrificing on taste whatsoever.

 Below we’ve compiled 5 ways for bread lovers to stay paleo while still enjoying what you love! 

  1. Toast It Up: One of the simplest ways to enjoy Base Culture Bread is to pop it in the toaster. Eat it plain or topped with coconut yogurt, fruit, avocado, or anything your paleo-heart desires. Our favorite toast topping, of course, is Almond Butter, which can be double topped with fruit like apples or bananas.
  2. Between the Bread: With paleo bread options you never have to feel like your lunchtime staples are off the list. Make it a 100% Paleo sandwich by choosing lean meats (without nitrates) and your favorite vegetables.
  3. The Great Paleo Bake Off: Just like traditional bread, you can bake Base Culture bread in the oven so that it’s nice and crispy. Whether you’re crafting up creative crostinis for guests or making croutons to spice up a salad, the oven is a great way to satisfy your crunch! 
  4. Bread Crumbs: If you are allergic, sensitive or don’t feel like swapping out your favorite breaded recipes for nut-crusted options, try making bread crumbs with our Base Culture Paleo bread.
  5. Oh La La: With paleo bread, making staples like French toast is super easy – and you don’t have to compromise on the maple syrup either (Maple Syrup in its most natural form is paleo!). Make your breakfast extra “French” by topping it with paleo hazelnut spread!


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