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What Is Paleo Eating Anyway?

What Is Paleo Eating Anyway?

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So, Base Culture is a paleo company. Often when we share that we’re “paleo” (either in regards to our personal eating choices or our product line), questions are asked. “What exactly is paleo eating?”

The best way to describe it is as the ‘caveman’ diet. Paleo eating is eating only what could be found if we time traveled back to the Paleolithic era - in other words, no refined sugar, processed foods… or anything that couldn’t be found when our ancestors lived off the land. So, the paleo diet is comprised solely of foods that can be ‘hunted and gathered.’

This excludes the refined sugar and processed foods as aforementioned, but also legumes (beans), vegetables oils margarines, and trans fats.

But, the paleo diet is not so much about the foods we avoid, but rather the foods that are prioritized. We fill our plates only with foods that come from the earth - vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs,  fish, seeds, nuts (like almonds), and healthy fats and oils (such as coconut oil). It should be noted that the paleo diet is aliberalpractice. It depends, in part, on the motivations of each person. For example: nuts and seeds are encouraged on the paleo diet, but some may forego them in large quantities if they’re hoping to cut back on calorie intake.


If paleo eating had to be distilled into four main food groups, it would be fruits, vegetables, meat, and nuts. It’s also in the cooking techniques - we aren’t deep frying any of that chicken (remember - no vegetable oil!). Instead, we opt for cooking processes like broiling salmon or roasting chicken. Herbs such as garlic and rosemary are allowed, adding perfect flavor to roasted chicken.

When it comes to deciding whether or not a certain food item is paleo, ask yourself: has this been processed? Was this made in a factory? These questions help differentiate from trickier items, such as salt. Processed salt isn’t typically permitted, but sea salt is.

Hydration and exercise are central to the paleo diet as supplemental practices. We make sure to drink plenty of water and stay active throughout the day.

The best part about the paleo diet is that it’s not a typical ‘diet.’ You don’t have to count calories or even restrain yourself from your favorite foods (Base Culture has you covered on that one -raspberry cocoa brownie, anyone?).

Paleo eating is praised for getting in shape and toned - but further, it helps us make sure everything we’re putting in our body is fueling it, so we’re energizing and emboldening ourselves to live our best lives. Now, it’s easier than ever to eat paleo while also satisfying your sweet tooth with Base Culture’s goodies.

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